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Since 2004, EWB@ MSU's professional and student volunteers have worked with community members in Khwisero, Kenya to provide water and sanitation infrastructure at the district's 58 primary schools, making it easier for Khwisero's children to avoid waterborne disease and get an education.

In that time, the group has grown from a small club to one of MSU's premier student organizations, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund seven borehole wells, six composting latrines and a biogas latrine that serve thousands of community members.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to work hand-in-hand with local partners to make a difference in one small part of our world. As Western Kenya's limited internet access allows, we will update this blog while in-country with the successes, stories and lessons provided by our work.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Team 2 Arrives in Khwisero!

Team 2 arrived in Khwisero late last night, after a very long bus and matatu journey from Nairobi. The two teams will be spending the next two days transferring information and discussing where we are and where we'd like to be in relation to our objectives, as well as congratulating Team 1 on a job very well done. So far, we are right on schedule, and Team 2 has hit the ground running.

Chris and Quinn are meeting in Kakamega with the drillers today, who are preparing to mobilize and move the drill equipment to the first school as early as this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed!

More details to come soon....


Lisa said...

Quinn and all,
I can't thank you enough for taking the time to post on your blog. It is wonderful to learn how the projects are going. Your stories are the best. They are great examples of the progress that is being made by everyone coming together...within the primary school communities, across the Kwisero Division, from the EWB-MSU Teams, Ronald, Francis, and Maurice.
Keep up the great work!
All the Best to Everyone,
Lisa McFarlane

Heather said...

Its your cousin, Heather. I just wanted to tell you how awesome what your doing is. Tell everyone that I think its great and keep up the good work.
Love you and stay safe,