Karibu! Welcome!

Since 2004, EWB@ MSU's professional and student volunteers have worked with community members in Khwisero, Kenya to provide water and sanitation infrastructure at the district's 58 primary schools, making it easier for Khwisero's children to avoid waterborne disease and get an education.

In that time, the group has grown from a small club to one of MSU's premier student organizations, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund seven borehole wells, six composting latrines and a biogas latrine that serve thousands of community members.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to work hand-in-hand with local partners to make a difference in one small part of our world. As Western Kenya's limited internet access allows, we will update this blog while in-country with the successes, stories and lessons provided by our work.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer 2009 work kicks off!

Hey friends,

  EWB@MSU is proud to announce that work is currently in progress.  I talked with Laura this morning and she says things are going great.  Team 1 arrived last Thursday and arrived in Khwisero Saturday evening. They are excited to get to work and lay the foundation for a whole lot of projects going down this summer.  They are staying near the Shirali primary school with the headmaster from the school.  The community has come together and helped out with donations to make our stay a success.  

One of the big projects for the summer is the biogas latrine going in at Shirali.  The school is super excited and ready to get to work.  Laura said they had the spot picked out and were ready to start excavating.  She thought it might be even be done before I get there.  Which is early next week!  Talk about getting after it.  They are working hard and want to do things right.  We couldn't ask for more.

So far its been great reports out of Kenya and I can't wait to get over there and get to work.  From here all the reports should be coming straight from Kenya, with the first group checking in this weekend with an update.  So stay tuned and feel free to leave comments.  I know everyone over there would love to hear thoughts and support.  

Kenya here I come!